Recent new products

Hi y’all! I’ve been more active on other social media platforms and I thought it’s about time I get used to posting on WordPress so here I am typing on the WP app to get the hang of things. It’s not easy to break my habit of sharing on Dayre but I thought I’ll start by having my new beauty posts on here instead of Dayre.

Did a quick poll on igstories (@hoppypoppyz if y’all wanna see what I’m up to daily) and more peepz wanted to see a quick post/first impressions of some new products I’ve gotten lately. Here we go!

Laneige SG sent over some new products and you know how they are pretty well known for their two tone products? There’s more added to the two tone family now!

This time round it’s two tone face products such as primer, colour correctors and contouring bars.

Check it out!

So nice to look at 😍 the bars are in triangle shapes to allow you to get into corners of faces where it’s harder to get to.

I haven’t yet to try them but I did watch some YouTube review videos on them and I know I’ll like some and not like some already… we shall see!

Did some quick swatches and I can’t show you the primer cause it doesn’t show up much on the skin, but it does feel velvety and smoothes out the texture.

As for the rest, the colour correctors are on the pastel side of things so I’m not sure how tanner skin will like these. The contouring bars are nice though! Not too pigmented so you can really can natural shadows on the face. Immediately I could tell that these bars have a softer texture so they will crumble a little if you put too much pressure to press them onto the skin.

Will give these a go soon and you’ll see them in my future posts, either in a review or faves (if I like them) or a quick update on my thoughts

They have also included a Multi Blending Brush which is angled and…

Quite densely packed. Shall use this to blend out the two tone bars mentioned above also also see how else I can use this brush.

Mamonde also sent over a heavy bag of skincare products

I legit squealed when I saw these masks cause I’ve been DYING to try them since they have launched. It took me too long to decide which 2 (among the 4) I want to get, I ended up forgetting about them. So when I opened up the bag to these, I was so happy!!!!! 😁

If you’ve seen my igstories, you would have seen me tried two of them last night. I’ll be using all 4 a couple of times before sharing a review so stay tuned for that! A couple of you have already asked me to review and I’m looking forward to do that as one of the mask I’ve tried is already super super promising and I love finding good products to share.

There’s also the Lotus Micro Cleansing range from Mamonde

Which includes the cleansing oil, cleansing oil tissue, cleansing foam and lip & eye makeup remover. I’ve been using the cleansing tissue which had the old packaging, so I presume this is a reformulated or repackaged line?

Mamonde’s cleansing products are quite good! I’ve had to chance to try a few from their other lines and they are effective + smells good. This range shouldn’t be any different.

Thanks Laneige & Mamonde for sending over these products ❤️

I’ve received this Innisfree Bija Cica Balm a couple weeks back so it’s considered new for sure and I’ve used it a couple times. It helped to soothe my skin, especially on my cheeks where it gets red and flakey very often due to how dry they are compared to the rest of my face. So I get bouts of dry patches on the cheeks and it’ll hurt + look red for quite a few days. I used this as a spot treatment, instead of all over the face balm, and my skin healed more quickly! Will use it more~

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