Turn off notification on WP

If you have followed me here (hoppypoppyz.wordpress.com or hoppypoppyz.com) – Please do turn off your email notifications for posts updates as I will be transferring some posts over from what I have backed up from Dayre and I do not want to spam you. This is to help myself and even any of you out there who wants to view my travel posts or any beauty posts, cause I myself will even search back on my own Dayre posts so that I can refer to something.

Also, please do not follow me on my spare WordPress account as it is mainly for backup purposes. Sorry that I had to remove some of you from following that account opps. I am so happy to scroll through all my Dayre posts on that account! Even though I can’t be sure 100% of my pictures are there, I am just glad that almost everything has a more stable place to be saved on now.

That being said, I still am hoping there is glimpse of hope for Dayre to continue! I may or may not be as active there anymore, you can trust that I will not be gone for sure. Certainly not enjoying having to juggle between platforms and share different things depending on the kind of stuff I want to talk about. But what to do!

5 thoughts on “Turn off notification on WP”

  1. So nice of you to give heads up! Ive temp unfollowed to be 100% safe cos I’ve kena 5x from other Dayreans so the email notification deletion aint fun… or maybe am scarred now haha!


    1. HAHAHA when I got my first one, I got a shock, hurry went to off email notification. The safest way to off it is on desktop! Haven’t gotten a problem since hahahaha and that’s why I chose to backup on a spare account, won’t spam everyone 🙈


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